Håkon Fagervik chooses the GRANBERG 8200!

Håkon Fagervik, a renowned Norwegian evangelist for Nordic Harvest Mission, has chosen the GRANBERG 8200 protective nitrile gloves for fishing!

Why chose the GRANBERG 8200?

"After many years at sea, with countless hours dedicated to hard work fishing, I can confidently say that the GRANBERG 8200 fishing gloves are truly special. They’re incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. These gloves really have a great grip and are easy to use. They are absolutely a must for any fishing enthusiast!" says Håkon.

About Håkon

Håkon is a well-known Christian singer, preacher, and evangelist from northern Norway. He conducts missionary activities globally and has significant aid operations in many countries, especially in Ukraine. In his free time, he stays at his childhood home on Seløya doing what he truly loves: being at sea and fishing.

About the GRANBERG 8200

The GRANBERG 8200 multipurpose nitrile-coated gloves feature powerful granules on the palm and fingers, as well as moisture-absorbing cotton lining inside. These gloves are approved for direct contact with all types of food, including fatty foods (EN 1186).

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