GRANBERG 6050 chemical and impact-resistant gloves revolutionise hand safety at Archer

The GRANBERG 6050 nitrile gloves, designed for chemical and impact resistance, have provided unparalleled hand protection for offshore and onshore employees at Archer, a global oil service company.


Archer prioritizes the health and safety of its workforce above all else. “We work in a high-risk industry, so to make safety and health a priority is key to us,” Archer’s Health and Working Environment Manager Kathe-Mari Solberg Hansen said.  

Due to changes in the petroleum industry’s regulatory requirements, Archer needed flexible, user-friendly gloves that provided both chemical and impact protection. The company’s work environment involves exposure to many chemicals, such as oil-based mud, highlighting the critical need to protect workers’ hands against various injuries.  


Recognizing the need in the market enabled Granberg and Archer to embark on a two-year-long journey of research and development. Their goal was to create a glove to meet the industry’s requirements and deliver unparalleled chemical and impact protection. 

Collaborating with Archer throughout this process allowed Granberg to tailor the GRANBERG 6050 precisely to their needs. The outcome is that these gloves stand up to the most challenging conditions in both onshore and offshore operations. 


The GRANBERG 6050 nitrile gloves offered both chemical and impact protection for Archer while being flexible and user-friendly. These gloves have set a new standard for hand protection in the oil and gas industry, especially for people working in the toughest environments.  

Collaboration was key. Granberg really listened to our needs, and we were part of developing the GRANBERG 6050 gloves,” Kathe-Mari Solberg Hansen said. 

About Archer

Archer is a company providing drilling and well services to the global energy industry. Their heritage stretches back over 50 years, they are 5,000 employees globally. Archer operates in over 40 countries, providing sustainable high-quality services and innovative technology to optimize our customer’s energy solutions.

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