Fearless Performance: Our Brand Evolution

For many months, even years, something amazing has been in the works at Granberg. As of May 6, 2024, we are proud to announce the launch of our new website, as well as a rebrand of our company!

Aligning with our revised values

This launch reflects the evolution of our identity aligning with our revised values:​





It marks our new vision to lead the way towards a future with zero hand injuries, and our mission to spread knowledge to raise awareness of the importance of hand protection. We combine our expertise with an innovative mindset to develop products that exceed our customers' complex safety requirements.

Why the new website and rebranding?

  1. We want to be more personal. We want to show who we are and our passion. Granberg is more than just a provider of hand safety products. We are people. We are a family company who are passionate about working together with you.
  2. We aim to adapt to change. Everything around us is changing: customers’ needs, our markets, and technology worldwide. The new website and rebrand marks the start of a new era for Granberg, because what’s a bigger risk than change? Not being flexible to change.
  3. We want to show our Norwegian heritage. It is deeply rooted in our DNA and says so much about who we are and our history—our perseverance amid the toughness of our landscape, our work, and our environment.
  4. We want to connect with you. We care about hand safety, and we want to keep your hands protected. We are focused on building trust and want to give you more than just products. You can find tips and advice to help you look for your hand safety solutions with tools such as our Knowledge Centre and Learning Centre.

We are about giving more holistic solutions toward hand safety.

Our new brand and website represent our commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence. They reflect who we are as a company today and symbolize our ambitions for the future, addressing the needs of our customers and partners.

Visit our Media Library for more information on the rebrand.

Media contact:

Estelle Pettersen
Marketing Manager, Granberg
Email: estelle.pettersen@granberg.no


Header photo courtesy: Archer. Anne Lise Norheim.

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